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Want Slo Mo But Don’t Have An iPhone 5s? There’s An App For That

Jealous of those iPhone 5s owners who can record slo mo video to their heart's content while you pretend not to care that your older model can't? Well, envy no more as we bring you news of an app that can turn your existing Apple device into a slo mo demon.

YouTube To Enable Offline Access For Downloads To Mobile Apps

In an unexpected move, YouTube have announced that they are going to allow the downloading of video content via their various mobile apps and make those videos available to the viewer even without an internet connection. Due for roll out in November, it heralds a major change in YouTube's attitude to downloads from their site.

Adobe to Add 150 New Features to CC Video Apps

The suite of video applications inside Adobe's Creative Cloud will soon have another round of interesting new features being added. With the announcement center...

YouTube Boosts Data API Quota by 10x And Video Upload Limits by 100x

The YouTube for Developers Team have announced an increase in Data API limits and a decrease in the cost of uploading videos to third party software. Why is this significant? Because it encourages the development of more and better YouTube apps for us users!

YouTube App For Android & iOS Adds Multitasking And Playlist Features

The new YouTube app for the Android platform is currently being rolled out and it comes with some excellent new features like multitasking so you can watch one video while browsing for another plus users now have the ability to search for playlists. It's just gone live for iOS too!

Hurrah! YouTube App Finally Back In Windows Phone Store

Microsoft and Google have been arguing for months over the YouTube app available to Windows Phone users. Taken off the market in May, it's now back in the Windows store - with ads but without the ability to download videos. Some nice new extra features too.

Brands Should Encourage User-Generated Video Content to Spread the Word

Brands should let their customers do the talking by becoming brand advocates and sending their own user-generated video content through social media to spread the word. There are a number of ways to get your fan base excited about doing this for you, and how it can be a fun and cost-effective method of advertising.

YouTube’s Capture iOS App Now Allows For Multiple Channel Uploads

YouTube's Capture App for iOS has had its second big features update since its release in December 2012. Creators with multiple YouTube channels can now upload to the channel of their choice and manage all channels from within the app itself. The upgrade also promises better uploading on iOS 5 devices.

YouTube App For iOS Gets Live Streaming, One Channel Layout

YouTube has finally updated their iOS app to include live streaming and a host of other features such as easier access to new uploads from those channels you subscribe to. You can also now queue up videos to play via your connected TV from the comfort of your own sofa.

Vine Adds Hashtags So You Can Find Videos That Much Quicker

Vine, the 6 second video app, have introduced a new feature that allows users to search either via a trending hashtag or from a selection of Editor picks or from those videos that are popular on the site right now. It's a nice little update and blends very well with the way that we currently use Twitter.