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User-generated content (UGC) covers a range of media content available in a range of modern communications technologies. It entered mainstream usage during 2005, having arose in web publishing and new media content production circles. Its use for a wide range of applications, including problem processing, news, gossip and research, reflects the expansion of media production through new technologies that are accessible and affordable to the general public. All digital media technologies are included, such as question-answer databases, digital video, blogging, podcasting, forums, review-sites, social networking, social media, mobile phone photography and wikis. In addition to these technologies, user-generated content may also employ a combination of open source, free software, and flexible licensing or related agreements to further reduce the barriers to collaboration, skill-building and discovery.
Sometimes UGC can constitute only a portion of a website. For example, there are sites…

Valentine’s Day and YouTube: a Match Made in Video Heaven

While people might think that most Valentine's Day videos on YouTube are all about hair and makeup ideas, the data about popular videos and prolific channels suggests that Valentine's content is much, much more diverse than that.

Throwback Thursday: When Mentos and Diet Coke Went Viral

For Throwback Thursday we take a look at Eepybird, who combined Diet Coke and Mentos and created the first earned-media viral video. And by viral, we mean VIRAL, over YouTube, Revver, Vimeo, Google Video (pre-YouTube) and on TV. Ahhhh, the memories.

Winning at Kickstarter, But UGC is Building Brand Awareness

There have been some spectacular successes on Kickstarter, particularly for some of the more innovative gadgets but what happens after the campaign is over? If your product is good enough, you may just earn your company some extraordinarily invaluable user-generated video content.
eye on ecommerce

53% Say a YouTube Video Influenced a Purchase at Least Once?

A new report states that over half the people surveyed purchased a product or service after watching a YouTube video - not a YouTube advertisement, a YouTube video. It means that branded content on YouTube is having a fairly massive impact on purchasing decisions of consumers.

Xbox One: Are UnBoxing Videos The Best Kind Of Earned Media?

User-generated content delivers 26 times more views for Microsoft on YouTube than their own videos do. With the release of the Xbox One, fan uploads of the unboxing and set up of the console are a huge contributory factor to the brand's visibility online.

Earned Media Rankings on YouTube Have Arrived with Octoly

Did you know that 99% of Apple related content viewed on YouTube is created by individuals outside of the company? Earned Media is a powerful and effective marketing strategy and at last there is a tool that can help brands identify their most engaged fan base.

Sainsbury’s Bank On 50 Minute UGC Video For Christmas Campaign

The UK Christmas ad market is about as competitive as it gets, and although John Lewis and Marks and Spencer may have won an early battle with the views and shares their campaigns have already attracted, Sainsbury's hope to win the war with their long form user generated ad.

Brands Should Encourage User-Generated Video Content to Spread the Word

Brands should let their customers do the talking by becoming brand advocates and sending their own user-generated video content through social media to spread the word. There are a number of ways to get your fan base excited about doing this for you, and how it can be a fun and cost-effective method of advertising.