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SpotX error reporting

SpotXChange Offers Error Reports to Maximize Publisher Monetization

Errors, time-outs, no ads playing all mean lost revenue for publishers. Is it any wonder that some may not be interested in joining programmatic video ad marketplaces? Now one company aims to eradicate those reasons by giving publishers error reporting with what happened and how it affects them so they can remedy it. Cool stuff no?
youtube traffic 50% mobile

YouTube: User Device Determines Viewing Behaviour

Pixability compiled some YouTube viewing numbers and then broke them down into device-specific categories to show that some screens get more views and viewing time. When it comes to mobile devices, Android and iOS dominate their competitors.

Streaming Device Growth to Outpace World Population by 2017 [Report]

The insanely rapid growth of second screen and other connected devices means that we could see video-streaming devices outpacing the population of the planet by 2017, with tablets and smartphones grabbing nearly 70% of the market share.