Vine Shoots to #1 on Apple's Free Apps

Vine is now the #1 free app on iTunes. So what happened to get it there? Well, brands have been using it creatively, it's becoming easier and easier to use and share videos using the app, and it has a giant social media service behind it that keeps awareness of the app up, always.
vine hashtags

Vine Adds Hashtags So You Can Find Videos That Much Quicker

Vine, the 6 second video app, have introduced a new feature that allows users to search either via a trending hashtag or from a selection of Editor picks or from those videos that are popular on the site right now. It's a nice little update and blends very well with the way that we currently use Twitter.

Vine's New Embed Capabilities About to Make it Grow A Little Bit More

Vine's been making waves trying to become a great video-sharing app. Today they introduced more embed capabilities for their video-sharing service, ones that will make it easier to share videos across the web on Facebook, Twitter, and regular ol' websites like this one.

Vine Making Waves for Video Sharing, Obviously Lags Behind Photo Sharing

A study on Vine shows that it has quickly shot past Viddy and Socialcam as the leader in social video sharing. While adoption is slow, the people who use it obviously love it. And while video sharing will probably always take a back seat to photo sharing, Vine's numbers are encouraging.

Vine Teaser of New Wolverine Movie Shows Split-Second Creativity Can Work

20th Century Fox released Vine footage of the new Wolverine movie yesterday, teasing yet another teaser that would play on MTV later. And that's one of the things Vine is good at--teasing. And it can be an effective marketing tool. Vine isn't being used a ton, but brands have been finding creative ways to implement it.

Studio Streams Full Movie on Vine: Is It A Disaster?

Oscilloscope Laboratories released their movie, "It's A Disaster," on Twitter and Vine in six-second bursts. It's an interesting experiment. And if it somehow creates more awareness for your movie that you otherwise would not have gotten, it's worth a shot.