A tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture; a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.
Depending on the context a tutorial can take one of many forms, ranging from a set of instructions to complete a task to an interactive problem solving session (usually in academia).
In British academic parlance, a tutorial is a small class of one, or only a few, students, in which the tutor (a lecturer or other academic staff member) gives individual attention to the students. The tutorial system at Oxford and Cambridge is fundamental to methods of teaching at those universities, but it is by no means peculiar to them; Heythrop College (University of London), for instance, also offers a tutorial system with one on one teaching. It is rare for newer universities in the UK to have the resources to offer individual tuition; six to eight (or even…

How To Get Featured On YouTube – See Your Video Featured On YouTube

The video is titled "How do you get featured on YouTube?" Simply put, the answer is - Put some honey out for those "Busy Youtube Bees." Seriously though, create great content and interact with the community. "But I heard there's like a magic formula or something.... the truth.... Youtube only pays attention to what the community is doing" There are, of course, some best practices and tips that you can follow and we will continue to do our best to provide you with all the honey you need.

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