Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival Chooses Innovative Vine Winners

There were some eyebrows raised when the Tribeca Film Festival announced a new category for content produced by Vine, but the winning videos show just how innovative and creative filmmakers can be, even when asked to work with such tight restrictions. Let's take a look at the winning entries.

Tribeca’s Vine Video Competition Shows Vine at its Best

Tribeca's #6SecFilms competition has narrowed the entries down to 40 pretty great uses of Vine to tell a story. We have animation, we have well-done "stories" told in 6 seconds, we have lots of people taking the 6-second limitation and spitting in its face!

Maker Studios and Tribeca Launch Picture Show Channel on YouTube

Maker Studios, in collaboration with Tribeca, will be bringing a channel called Picture Show to YouTube. It will look to combine the forces of Maker and Tribeca to form an online community where creative types can collaborate and make YouTube magic.