Of Course Netflix Has More Viewers Than Cable TV

Netflix have confirmed that 4 billion hours worth of streaming video on demand has been watched in the past three months by their subscribers. This puts them ahead of any cable network in terms of viewing figures but they still have a long way to go to catch up with traditional TV viewing.

15 New Episodes of Arrested Development to Hit Netflix on May 26

Arrested Development will be hitting Netflix on May 26 with 15 new episodes. That's right, 15! The long, long wait for new Arrested Development, which has been the subject of a movie rumor and all sorts of teases since the series' cancellation in 2006, is finally over in two short months when Netflix makes all 15 episodes available on one beautiful Sunday.

VEVO TV Launches, Old-School MTV Type Programming Is Back

VEVO will be launching a new cable channel this year that will play music videos all the time and hopefully won't succumb to a reality programming phase that will change the channel forever. You can watch the new channel online right now on all the various devices.

Does YouTube Care About Amateur Creators Anymore?

While YouTube is still the most popular destination for amateur and user-generated video content, it's clear that times have changed and the online video space ...

What Are the Best Smart TV Options for the UK?

As the integration of web and TV gathers pace, and the profile of online video continues its meteoric rise, what is the best choice for smart TV viewers in the ...

Custom YouTube Thumbs Finally Roll Out

This week on the Reel Web we look at the updates YouTube has made in the past week including the roll-out (finally) of custom thumbnails for all monetized users...