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53% Say a YouTube Video Influenced a Purchase at Least Once?

A new report states that over half the people surveyed purchased a product or service after watching a YouTube video - not a YouTube advertisement, a YouTube video. It means that branded content on YouTube is having a fairly massive impact on purchasing decisions of consumers.

The Top Video SEO Practices Used by Marketers in 2013 [Report]

Video SEO as a marketing discipline is the foundation that ReelSEO was built upon all those years ago. Nowadays, it's more important than ever and our new survey confirms that 7 out of 10 of you think so too. Read more in our 2013 Video Marketing Trends Report.

Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Your Video Advertising Campaign [Video]

Our next-to-last panel at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit was "Best Practices to Optimize the Video Advertising Opportunity," and we had experts from TubeMogul, Google, Essence, and Mediasmith telling us all about the best practices when it comes to advertising in online video.

Mobile Video Viewing on the Rise: Why It Matters [Study]

Mobile video is on the rise, and that's not a shock. But the rate at which it is going up is: it's becoming increasingly important to know who is watching mobile video and why. Also, the rise of tablets as a major video consumption device is a big reason to understand mobile viewing habits.

Online Views Dominate Q1 2013 US Video Ad Market [Report]

The first 3 months of 2013 saw an increase of 84% for U.S. ads viewed via a desktop PC or laptop compared to Q1 2012. Mobile devices saw a year on year increase of 27%. Consumer products and financial services spent the most ad dollars on video ads during Q1 2013.

Original Professional Online Video: 45 Million Unique Viewers A Month

The IAB has a study that shows that 45 million unique visitors from the USA watch Online Professional Online Video. This is video that is produced solely for online and is never meant to be watched on TV. The numbers come out as the NewFronts take place this week in New York.

Online Video Advertisers Spend Money How, And Where? [Study]

Digiday and have found some interesting feedback from brands, advertisers, agencies, and publishers about how and where the money is spent in online video advertising. The study reflects the rise of the private video ad marketplace as advertisers find more and more convenience with such services. And, is a "guarantee" a good thing when it comes to ad metrics?

How and Why Women Watch Online Video [Report]

We're ReelSEO so you know how we feel about online video and we know we're not alone as over 456.6M videos were watched in 2012. But who is watching these video...