YouTube Now Testing Chromecast HDMI Support For Embedded Video Content

YouTube has confirmed that they are currently testing the ability to watch videos on the Chromecast HDMI dongle that are embedded on third party sites outside of YouTube. Support for such a feature would mean videos curated on other sites, such as blogs, would be just as accessible for viewers.

Live Streaming on Vs. Embedded Player: Which is Best?

In this week's Creator's Tip video, I talk through the options for hosting live streaming events with YouTube - on vs. on your own website using YouTube's embedded player. Which is better for your brand, your live stream event, and your viewers?

10 Tips On Getting Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Getting your first 1,000 subscribers might seem like a somewhat daunting task when you're first starting on YouTube. Why 1,000? Well it's the magic mark for enabling your channel for live streaming. Following these tips can bring you closer to that reality.

Consider Live Video Streaming and Engage Your Customers

Those looking for some good buzz around an event should consider live streaming. Creating a way for people to watch a music festival, or a unique multi-day event, streamed live to all, can generate significant amounts of attention to your business.

Bet Raise Fold Documentary Gives the Lowdown on Poker Life, Black Friday

Bet Raise Fold comes from filmmakers Taylor Caby, Jason Rosenkrantz, and Ryan Firpo, who do a great job uncovering the reasons for what is known as "Black Friday" in the online poker world, and how it affects three players who relied on online poker to make a living.

You Can Watch Wimbledon Live Now on YouTube

Major tennis tournament Wimbledon is being streamed on YouTube this year, starting today. See the likes of Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Andy Murray and a whole lot more compete for a championship on your desktop or mobile device.

Amazon and Viacom Make Streaming Content Deal

Amazon and Viacom have struck an exclusive deal, and Netflix no longer will have shows from Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, or MTV. That's all well and good for Viacom and Amazon, I guess. But for the rest of us, it just means having to buy more than one streaming service to "have it all."

Gumroad Announces Online Streaming Feature

Gumroad, a platform for selling digital media, has added live streaming video to the mix. Content creators can now monetize their videos on the service, which will be taking a somewhat smaller fee than usual when it comes to this sort of thing.

Even Rocky Had A Montage: Social Star Awards Release Epic Montage Video

The Starcount Social Star Awards are on May 23 and they're getting serious: YouTube stars help Jesse Heiman become a YouTube great through the "most epic montage ever montaged." You know it's on when the montage happens. Don't think for one moment it isn't on with a montage.

YouTube Live Stream Opens for Even More Creators

You got an account in good standing? 1,000 subscribers? You're set up with SMS verification? You too can start Live Streaming YouTube in a few weeks. Right now, many creators should be able to see an "Enable" button that gets them closer to live nirvana (the state of being, obviously not the band).

ABC Makes Live TV Possible on Any iOS Device

ABC is making their live broadcasts available through their "Watch ABC" app, which is being regarded as a move to combat embattled live-streaming service Aereo. ABC becomes the first major network to make an app available to broadcast all their shows live.

Netflix Loses A Chunk of Content As Studios Switch Alliances

Netflix just lost Warner Bros., MGM, and Universal from its streaming archive, as those studios have now decided to move to Warner Archive Instant. The move illustrates the difficulty a rental service has (not to mention the difficulties consumers have) when it comes to all the different choices created by exclusivity.