Spam is commonly defined as unsolicited bulk and/or commercial messaging (UCE / UBE).  This is most widely known for email, but first came to wide attention in a usenet context.  Spam has now diverged to cover new and emerging communication technologies, including IM and VOIP.   Spam was once “for a cause”, or unsolicited marketing messages.  Now, several scams that existed for years on post, fax and other communication mediums have moved online, and have begun to leverage the wide reach and cheap costs of spam.OECD taskforce report on spam – http://www.oecd-antispam.orgOECD background paper – Spam Problems in Developing Economies : This discusses spam issues in the context of developing economies, but the same issues are relevant around the world.  http://www.oecd .org/data oecd /5/47/34935342.pdf CAUCE ( – The world’s largest volunteer antispam organizationCAUCE Asia Pacific –   

How-to Block Spam Comments on YouTube and Hide the Trolls For Good

Spam comments are nothing new on YouTube, but if a video has gone viral on Reddit, a very unique set of trolls will try to dominate the comments, making the experience very confusing for viewers. But there's a fantastic way of dealing with these annoying, if entertaining, Reddit spammers.

Goodbye YouTube InBox, Hello Google+ YouTube Messages

Get ready YouTubers for there is yet another change to the site, and to the way you interact with others. The YouTube InBox has gone, replaced with a new feature called "Messaging". The old InBox is read-only as of next week, although all users will still have the ability to read, and download their old correspondence, if only for a limited time.
Code vulnerability

Largest Video Site Source of Massive DDoS Attack via XSS Vulnerability?!

A massive DDoS attack is raging across the net and an equally massive video-centric site may be the source of it according to a web security report from Incapsula. We throw on our deerstalker and follow the clues to find out who left the door open to such exploitation. You might not like what we find, or you might find some sweet, sweet irony in it all.
YouTube set to chop fake views

YouTube Begins Major Crack Down on Fake Views

YouTube is honing its view chopping blade as it looks to further legitimize its viewing numbers in order to garner a larger portion of the ad dollar pile. Now that they're a Nielsen member they will be directly competing against traditional TV and that means they need to show that the views are legitimate

Google’s New SEO Changes Coming This Summer

Google is updating the search algorithm again. One possible effect to video is the targeting of sites that use advertorials without full disclosure. There are a number of other black hat spamming techniques being addressed, but Google's Matt Cutts explains it better than I do in a video Google released.