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How Brands Use Vine Efficiently: Quick and to the Point

You might think that with a 6-second limitation, brands couldn't possibly make something worthwhile using Vine. The problem is, you would be wrong, dead wrong. Brands are using Vine in a creative manner that allows them to make the most out of the seemingly miniscule 6 seconds that they have.
Social Video vs. Viral Video

Move Over Viral, We’ve Entered the Age of Social Video

As social video becomes of more prominence in online video buys and of increasing interest to brands in all verticals, it seems helpful to have a full look at the current landscape of social video, its players, buying tactics, strategies, results from social video campaigns, as well as what's on the horizon for social video.

5 Social Video Advertising Myths – Busted!

These are truly exciting times for marketers. With 4 billion connected consumers willing to share branded content, there has never been a better time for a bran...