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That Was VidCon! Thoughts from Disneyland

Even though the 4th annual VidCon, held at the Anaheim Convention Center, is mainly for fans and for fans to meet up with their favorite channel creators, there was some good information to be found at the event.

Brands Should Encourage User-Generated Video Content to Spread the Word

Brands should let their customers do the talking by becoming brand advocates and sending their own user-generated video content through social media to spread the word. There are a number of ways to get your fan base excited about doing this for you, and how it can be a fun and cost-effective method of advertising.

Kittens Vs Bacon In Video Showdown: Because Why The Hell Not

Will the internet ever get tired of cats and bacon? Nothing is more likely to inspire a view, share or click than a genuinely originally or funny video about either. But just how much of a viral reach do they have? A new infographic from Marketo shows us.
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Vine Catching Up to YouTube In Social Media Engagement

A new study conducted by SocialBakers is seeing some pretty impressive gains by Vine compared to YouTube when it comes to engagement rates on Twitter. Vine has only been around for 6 months and for the most part, only on iOS, so catching up to YouTube on the social media platform is impressive.
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Video and Alcohol: What Beer, Wines, and Spirits Need to Keep In Mind

Unruly has found some interesting things out about video and the alcohol industry. Namely, they should be using it a lot more. Only four ads make up 97 percent of the entire social video market. Many brands are missing out on some great opportunities.

The Week In Video: Hyperlapse Videos And Shippy Shopping

Another week, another brilliant viral video - this time from Kmart. Yes, that Kmart. We dare you not to laugh at least once, especially at the old guy on the bed. Our look back at the week's news in online video also has us drooling at the Phantom Flex4K camera and hoping the current price tag is a mistake.

The Top 20 Most-Shared Video Ad Campaigns For March 2013 - Pranks & Hoaxes

March saw an unusual amount of prank and hoax videos making their way into the Unruly Top 20 this past month, with brands even getting in on the act and pulling off some rather extreme prank videos. Leading the way was Pepsi's Jeff Gordon "Test Drive" ad, which even with tremendous scrutiny over its validity, is still one of the most shared ads of all time.
Max Headroom

How Brands Use Vine Efficiently: Quick and to the Point

You might think that with a 6-second limitation, brands couldn't possibly make something worthwhile using Vine. The problem is, you would be wrong, dead wrong. Brands are using Vine in a creative manner that allows them to make the most out of the seemingly miniscule 6 seconds that they have.