Skype is the world’s fastest-growing service for Internet
communication, allowing people everywhere to make unlimited voice and
video calls for free. Skype is available in 27 languages and is used in
almost every country around the world. Skype generates revenue through
its premium service offerings such as making and receiving calls to and
from landline and mobile phones, as well as voicemail and call
forwarding services. Skype also has a growing network of hardware and
software partners.

How-to Record Google Hangouts Video

Google Hangouts are a great way to record a video interview with multiple participants. You can record in private and then publish straight to your YouTube channel within the hour. We show you how, in this week's Creator's Tip. ...
four-color video player logo

Microsoft Readies Video Ad Army to Battle Google

The battle of the four color logos is ready to blast through into online video as Microsoft readies a new video ad network featuring programmatic buying and a large third-party set of brand-safe sites. They're starting out in the UK at first but who knows what could happen as they try to take on Google and vie for a foothold in the massively growing video ad market....

Live Streaming Video Now Powerful Business Communication Tool [Report]

Every level of business seems to be using live streaming video for one thing or another and it makes perfect sense because there's no more immediate way to communicate as much information as fast than video and live streamed means it can be more real-time and interactive all around. Are you using it for your business communication? Is it just a Skype call on occasion or are you going into full blown video conferencing rigs in board rooms?...

An In-Depth Look At OTT And Live TV For 2014

2013 was a huge year for OTT (Over The Top) devices and content providers, but that's nothing compared to the growth of original content that Amazon, Hulu and Netflix are promising for 2014, alongside some exciting developments in OTT technology. ...

The Week In Video: Buzzword Bingo And YouTube Comments

Welcome to our weekly round of online video news from around the web. Out of the blue, YouTube decided to retire video responses which took many by surprise but that's YouTube for you. Elsewhere, The Fine Bros passed 1 Billion Views and Skype announced that they are working on holographic video technology. ...

Free Skype Video Messages Now Available On All Platforms

Video calling via Skype has been live for a while but now you can record and send a free video message to any of your contacts - even if they are not online. The feature has been enabled for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows 8, Blackberry and Windows Desktop....