5 Of The Best Branded Vines Of The Week: 21st November 2013

Let's take a look at 5 of the best branded Vines of the last week including Oreo's spin on the Portal video game, Samsung's greedy Galaxy Note, Capital One's manic office clerk and some beautiful animation from the BBC to say thank you for all who donated to Children In Need.

Top Branded Vines Of The Week: November 14th 2013

Brands on Vine continue to bring us inventive and hugely entertaining short form videos and this week we have another 6 of our favourites. Puma make like a train, Target jazz up an apple and we're not entirely sure what's going on at Disney if we're honest.

40% Of Top 1000 Shared Instagram Videos Are Brand Led, Snoopy Is Top Dog

Instagram Video only launched in June but it's already attracting huge brand attention. 40% of the top 1000 shared Instagram videos last month were brand led, with Peanuts, GE, Nike, MTV, Disney and Red Bull all benefiting from super short form video marketing.

Are Amazon Taking On YouTube For The Short Form Video Market?

Amazon are already a huge player in the long form VoD market but now, if rumours are to be believed, they look set to take on YouTube by offering a better revenue package for content creators and MCNs to cross over to their platform instead.

Why Bite-Sized, Short Form Videos Are Good For Business

Bite sized videos are no longer the domain of amateurs. With the unprecedented success of Vine and Instagram video, brands are turning to short form content to increase visibility. We take a look at some of the best examples.

Online Video Consumption Continues To Grow: Mobile, Tablet Use Booms [Report]

Online video consumption continues to grow at an extraordinary rate and smartphones and tablets are becoming the norm for watching both live streamed and VoD content. A new report from Ooyala confirms our viewing habits for Q2 of this year and what that means for brands and marketers.

Just the Facts, Ma’am, About MixBit, Instagram and Vine

Some short and sweet facts about the extremely short-form video applications Vine, Instagram, and Mixbit. Who uses these apps, and what kind of content is thriving under these limitations? In all honesty, it's going to take awhile to figure out the "clear winner" of the three.

Think Like a TV Exec: How to Create a Successful Branded Series

Today's marketplace provides a unique challenge for brands of simply being heard. Brands must find new ways to connect and entertain their audience through branded content to support their marketing efforts. Brands must be willing to take a risk to try new things.

Vine’s New Update Makes Discovery Easier, Includes Better Camera, Revines

Vine's update looks towards discovery while improving the camera features. Now included in the Vine app are categories, On the Rise, Revines, and more. While the update is certainly in response to all the news about Instagram, Vine doesn't need to "beat" them and will do well by keeping the updates coming

Embed Instagram Does What It Says On The Tin

Super excited about that Instagram video that you have created and want to get it on your own site? Or perhaps you want to curate others' content? A new online tool allows you to do just that. In other news, Instagram video is kicking Vine where it most hurts - on Twitter.

Vimeo Announces Vimeo On Demand: Creators Get 90% Revenue Share

Vimeo on Demand is coming to Vimeo, allowing creators to sell their work, set the price, customize the page the content is on, show it on Vimeo and their own website, country availability, and can be shown anywhere Vimeo can be accessed. Creators get 90% of the cut after transaction fees.