Discovery Digital Networks and The Success of Original Programming

As a leading media source for today's online audiences, Discovery Digital Networks is home to Animalist, TestTube, Revision3, SourceFed and the DeFranco Network. With more than 110 shows anchored by the web's leading personalities, DDN covers original topics ranging from internet cats, science, current events, and tech. We talk to GM Jim Louderback about the network.

5 Stupid Chromecast Tricks (That Really Aren’t Stupid at All)

Chromecast is a cheap, effective and cool way to add internet video to almost any HDTV. But that's not all this little device is capable of. Find out how you can use it to send any internet page to your TV or even hack your hotel TV to find something watchable.

Revision3 Acquires DeFranco Creative; DeFranco Becomes Senior VP

Revision3 has acquired DeFranco Creative, which means they now have SourceFed and all other Philip DeFranco channels and ventures. The partnership between Rev3 and DeFranco has been a fruitful one, and Rev3 is also making DeFranco a Senior VP.

Revision3, Discovery Launch TestTube Digital Network

Revision3 and Discovery are launching a new digital network called TestTube. It has all the types of shows you'd expect from the geeky/nerdy set that help us learn more about our world and maybe even laugh in the process.

Revision3 on Xbox 360 is a Perfect Match

Revision3 is now on Xbox 360, and considering the terrific Adam Sessler review of Bioshock Infinite on Rev3 Games, then Xbox 360 owners are in for some great content from the network. This app was built especially for the console and works with the Kinect.

Philip DeFranco (sxephil) Signs With Revision3

Here's some news I wasn't expecting.  One of YouTube's top stars Philip DeFranco signs with Revision3.  What this means is that Revision3 will be the financial ...