Storytelling Tips from Stillmotion and Vimeo’s Video School: Part 2

Stillmotion continues to give great storytelling advice in Part 2 of their instructional video series being played on Vimeo's Video School. In this one, they break down the "discovery" process during pre-production in order to come up with 5 keywords that you will follow throughout the production.

Greg Jarboe to YouTube’s Robert Kyncl: ‘If I Offended You, Then I Am Sorry’

There are so many numbers being thrown around about YouTube's viewership and engagement, it's hard to figure out what's right and what's wrong anymore. But new data independent of YouTube suggests that the popular video destination hub is chugging along quite well, and might even make certain video experts quote Indiana Jones in the process.

The YouTube Advertiser Wish List: YouTube, Get On This (Part 3)

After we talked about what we'd like YouTube to do for uploaders and viewers, now it's the advertisers' turn. What would they really want out of the YouTube experience if they could make wishes and get it to happen? Consider this Part 3 of The YouTube Wish List, in which we rub our magic lamps and hope the genie has YouTube skills.

Digital News Revenue Outpacing All Other Media [Study]

Pew Research compiled a bunch of data that shows the money is going towards digital news sites and is clearly outpacing all the other media in its rate of growth. This is an inevitable progression as people look to find news as quickly as possible.

Investigative Spider Webbing And What It Means For Video Content

Investigative Spider Webbing sounds odd but it's a term that video creators should be aware of when it comes to understanding how users use their smartphones and tablets to access further information online. Microsoft tell us all about it in their new study.

When Is the Prime Ad Time for Brands?

Ads are better served during prime time hours, says TubeMogul in their Quarterly Research Report. But it's not the only time of day that can serve ads well: lunchtime can help maximize your ad dollar as well. Lots of handy graphs on the ready, let's take a look!

Viral Video Prediction Made Fun with TubeRank

TubeRank allows you to enter in a bunch of triggers and community interests into a database in order to find out what videos best exemplify the content you are trying to make. Having examples handy, with all their views and social stats, can give you a guide to what kind of viral video you're trying to make. Even if you don't use it for that, it makes for a great video discovery tool.

How B2B Video Works for Those Who Watch [Study]

We've discussed B2B Video quite a bit in the past, and we've been able to look at some interesting data concerning the increased usage of B2B video among top co...