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YouTube Video Insights for August 2013: But Wait, There’s More!

Some statistics you can take with you during the month of August, while you're laying out on a beach somewhere. Learn about the Gen C audience, refresh your knowledge about features on YouTube, and how YouTube compares to Sharknado. Why not?

Why Video Sharing Matters More Than You Might Realize

While a lot of us care about how many views a video gets, it's really the sharing that matters most, especially for brands--when friends share with friends, video gets instant credibility from it, and it doesn't have the intrusiveness of a brand directly marketing to a consumer.
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Why Video Is So Important To the Future of Marketing

How exactly do you grab viewers attention with video? It's pretty much down to a science these days. And knowing what engages people when it comes to video is critical in marketing. Here are some of the keys to video engagement.
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And Now for Something Completely Different: Think Insights

What is one to do when all the analysis has been well...analyzed? Thank goodness for Google's Think Insights, which tells us the reasons why memes are important, or why we're watching certain ads on YouTube, or...even something completely different.
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Video Marketing with a Coupon Mentality: Why This Shouldn't Be the Approach

It seems like all brands need is a "viral video" and they'll have this video thing mastered. But showing your commitment to video, and finding a way to sell without selling, and creating a relationship with your customers is way more important than driving sales for a brief period or increasing brand recognition.
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Do YouTube Movie Trailer Searches Correlate to Box Office Success?

Are YouTube search queries an indicator of a movie's success? It should come as no surprise that the most popular movies are also the one people search for the most, but how predictive are they when you compare the data between different movies? Google found some answers.
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Have A Strategy for Online Video: Video Marketing Tips

You've decided to turn to video for your business. Now what do you do to ensure that it does what you want it to do? You need to come up with a strategy. What kind of strategy? The one where your video gets seen, converts, and makes people loyal to your brand.
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Cord-Cutting Has Hard Statistics Backing It Up Now

There is now real evidence that cord cutting is happening with actual net subscriber loss. Pay TV lost 80,000 subscribers over the past year, which sounds awful for cable companies until you realize they still have nearly 100 million. But hey, capitalism rules, and I'm sure there's some panic.
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Vimeo's 10 Tips on Your First DIY Video Interview

Vimeo's Video School once again has a wealth of information for those who would like to make their videos pop. This particular video goes over the DIY interview. And while you've probably heard of a few of these tips, it's always good to have reminders.
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The State of the Video Ad Industry in 2013 [Charts]

The online video ad industry finds itself in a very unique position in mid-2013; in some ways it is experiencing rapid growth while in others it is showing undeniable signs of maturity. This article summarizes the state of a very complex and exciting industry in five simple charts.

Online Views Dominate Q1 2013 US Video Ad Market [Report]

The first 3 months of 2013 saw an increase of 84% for U.S. ads viewed via a desktop PC or laptop compared to Q1 2012. Mobile devices saw a year on year increase of 27%. Consumer products and financial services spent the most ad dollars on video ads during Q1 2013.
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Storytelling Tips from Stillmotion and Vimeo's Video School: Part 2

Stillmotion continues to give great storytelling advice in Part 2 of their instructional video series being played on Vimeo's Video School. In this one, they break down the "discovery" process during pre-production in order to come up with 5 keywords that you will follow throughout the production.
“If I offended you, then I am sorry.”

Greg Jarboe to YouTube's Robert Kyncl: ‘If I Offended You, Then I Am Sorry’

There are so many numbers being thrown around about YouTube's viewership and engagement, it's hard to figure out what's right and what's wrong anymore. But new data independent of YouTube suggests that the popular video destination hub is chugging along quite well, and might even make certain video experts quote Indiana Jones in the process.