Ray William Johnson

PewDiePie Is the New #1, Dethroning 7-Month Smosh Reign

It was inevitable: PewDiePie glided past Smosh for the #1 most-subscribed YouTube channel. Meanwhile...PewDiePie's reign may be threatened by...YouTube? Will that even count? Anyway, video gamecasting is huge and it didn't need proof, but it's now at #1.

What Is PewDiePie? It Will Be the Top Channel on YouTube in Months

PewDiePie will be the #1 channel on YouTube in a few months. What is the secret of his success? It's pretty much coming out with lots of content that is innately popular on YouTube, way more than anybody in the current top 5 currently produces.

The Current Top 10 Most Subscribed Channels on YouTube

As of May 2013, here are the top subscribed channels on YouTube. After SMOSH has broken a number of records and will likely be the first channel to hit 10 million subscribers soon, a look at the other channels and what they do seemed to be in order.

Ray William Johnson Throws Down Gauntlet to Maker Studios

Ray William Johnson left Maker Studios back in October 2012, and then...things got ugly. Johnson is claiming that Maker Studios is holding his AdSense account and won't give it back. And now that the original contract has expired, he says he still hasn't gotten it. RWJ to Maker: Lawyer up.