Quantcast is a media measurement, web analytics service that allows users to view audience statistics for millions of websites. Quantcast Corporation’s prime focus is to analyze the Internet’s web sites in order to obtain accurate usage statistics by surfers from the USA. Like Alexa, Quantcast rates Web pages by ranks. Quantcast statistics always refer to the usage from the United States, therefore Alexa data and Quantcast data do not always show the same results. Quantcast does not require a toolbar to be installed upon one’s web browser to obtain statistics. Instead participating websites voluntarily insert Quantcast HTML code inside Web pages they wish to have included in statistics. This code allows Quantcast to keep track of the traffic directed towards those Web sites. Using this mechanism Quantcast can provide thorough details about Web pages created by participating publishers. Some of this information includes, for example, whether the Web page viewer is a male or female,…

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Attn Video Marketers: Thanksgiving is Bigger on YouTube than Black Friday

Nearly 90% of Google users also use YouTube, but people search Google and YouTube in different ways. Take Thanksgiving and Black Friday for example. Black Friday is now a more popular search term on Google than Thanksgiving, but on YouTube it's Thanksgiving terms that people are searching for more.
youtube worth $40 billion

Is YouTube Really Bigger Than Facebook? The Numbers Say Yes

Some marketers, brands, retailers and storytellers still find it hard to believe that YouTube has just passed Facebook and is now the largest social media site. We take another look at the figures, and suggest what can be done with the data.

Video Is Over 50% of Bandwidth Consumption In US

Just over 50% really. But it's projected to continue growing of course. Limelight Networks shared some pretty cool data in New York yesterday. The major one, fo...

Tremor Media Rocks New Web Video Ad Format

Tremor wants to rock your video ads by taking things to a whole new level of interaction and placement. No more will viewers have to wait for pre-rolls, tolerat...

Hulu Vs. Nielsen The War of Numbers

According to the New York Times, Hulu is angry, angry with Nielsen. ComScore, who probably doesn't even like Nielsen considering their past, sides with Hulu. Ha...