How Much Responsibility Do YouTube Creators Have to Their Fans?

Does the phrase 'Parasocial relationships' mean anything to you? It's a fancy term for the kind of one-sided connection built up between celebrities, and their fans, and it's a condition that absolutely flourishes on sites like YouTube. Rock star creators are in the front line when it comes to attracting this type of attention, and they probably have a much bigger impact on people's lives than they realize.

How Businesses Can Overcome Fear of Video Syndrome - Video Psychology 101

Do you know of a business that is experiencing “fear of video” syndrome? Do they need help overcoming it? Grant Crowell interviews the Director of Stanford's Persuasive Technology Lab, Dr. BJ Fogg, about why many businesses and marketing professional today are still fearful about getting involved with online video, and the ways he's teaching companies to overcome those fears with exercises and workshops in “persuasive technology.” Learn how academic psychology may be one of the answers for companies to overcome their fears with doing video.