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How Much Does an Animated Explainer Video Really Cost to Make?

An explainer video is going to introduce your company to the world so it has to look and sound as good as possible. But what are the real costs involved in producing a great explainer video, particularly an animated one? Our handy guide explains what's involved and why it pays to spend that extra budget.

YouTube Rewind 2013: A Peek Behind The Curtain With Portal A

YouTube Rewind 2013 has already attracted 44 million views in 9 days for a video that revels in the most innovative and infamous moments on YouTube in the past year. We take a look behind the scenes with Portal A who created and produced for the video for YouTube.

What Are The Top Trends In Online Video For 2014

As 2013 comes to a close, we take a look at some of the trends in video production, advertising and marketing that could dominate 2014. With technology moving so fast and becoming more accessible, we're looking forward to some inventive and creative content.

How To Test The Success Of Your Video Before You Publish It

In this week's Creator's Tip we let you into a little secret that may save you a lot of time, effort and money down the road. Testing your video content before uploading to the public is a fantastic way of getting the feedback you need to make that content perform as well as it can.

Local Video Optimization and Production Tips For International Marketers

If you are rolling out a video campaign in different international markets then you'll need to consider how to optimize your content for those local regions. We bring you some useful tips, particularly for audio, which should ensure you reach your target audience.

Your Video Doesn’t Need To Go Viral To Make A Difference

Achieving corporate success with video does not necessarily require 1 million YouTube views. Sometimes a well-calculated strike to your target audience from a credible expert can make all the difference, even when that audience is relatively small.

How To Translate Video Content For Your Global Market: 3 Great Tips

The world is getting smaller and a great marketing campaign can cross many borders. But how do you reach a potential audience with video content that's limited to a single language? We give you 3 great tips for translating video for a global market.

Video Storytelling Advice from Former CNN Anchor Sachi Koto

There are many elements involved in creating the right kind of video to reach your target audience. Former CNN Anchor Sachi Koto recently gave her top tips on the art of storytelling in video to ensure you get the message across and engage the audience at the same time.

65% of Marketers to Produce 10+ Videos for Marketing Purposes in 2013 [Report]

On location shoots and testimonials were the top video styles chosen by marketers this year and over 65% of those surveyed for our report confirmed that they were producing 10 or more videos for marketing purposes. This and more from our 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report.

7 Tips for Killer Instagram Marketing Videos

More and more of us are uploading video content to Instagram but how can we ensure we are producing the best quality footage and creating the most engaging clips possible? We bring you 7 of our top tips to get the most out of this video platform.

Clients From Hell: Video Marketing And Production Issue

The client vs agency or freelancer relationship can be a difficult one sometimes, particularly when the expertise or technology behind video production or marketing isn't fully understood. We bring you the best 'Clients from Hell' stories.

10 Simple But Effective Ways to Kickstart Your Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter campaigns with video do much better than those without but what if you are new to video production and don't know where to start? We bring you 10 great tips for creating a video that will help your project request.

Crowdsourcing Can Make Video Production Affordable For All Budgets

The perceived cost of video production holds many site owners back from committing to an online video strategy but there are options if resources are tight. Crowdsourcing is a great way to find producers who can work within your budget.