Viewers Tolerate Mid Roll Video Ads More Than Pre-Roll [Report]

Viewers are more likely to watch a mid roll video ad, particularly if they are engaged with the original video content, then they are a pre roll ad. Post roll ads fare even worse. Viewers also have very little patience for slow loading videos and video ads, particularly sports fans who are 5 x more likely to abandon before a slow video loaded.

Charity Lets Viewer Decide Ex Cons Fate With Innovative Pre-Roll Ad

Huge numbers of viewers skip the pre-roll ads every time they come across them. However, a new video advertising campaign from a UK charity wants you to take a few seconds to see how much of an opportunity you are willing to give an ex-offender at his job interview.

Second Screen Video Ad Viewing Peaks During Prime Time Hours [Report]

Viewers of online content are more likely to use their smartphones or tablets in the evening during the latter part of the week than any other time says a new report from Tubemogul. While this makes sense, it's interesting to see how iOS users are turning to their iPads rather than their iPhones during this time.

Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Your Video Advertising Campaign [Video]

Our next-to-last panel at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit was "Best Practices to Optimize the Video Advertising Opportunity," and we had experts from TubeMogul, Google, Essence, and Mediasmith telling us all about the best practices when it comes to advertising in online video.

Suicide Prevention Video Ad Gives A Reason Not to Skip

Skippable pre-roll ads can be controversial. Are they delivering advertisers what they want? Are people smacking these things down like the outdated overlays? We've seen a few content creators and advertisers find creative ways to work with skippable ads. The Belgium Suicide Prevention hotline is the latest.

Native Video Ads Outperform Pre-Roll Ads [Study]

That pre-roll ad is not helping your brand, according to a new study by Sharethrough and Nielsen. Native ads, ads that conform to the publisher's page and seamlessly blend with the rest of the content and the overall look of the page.

YouTube Testing Viewer’s Choice Pre-Roll Advertising

Giving the viewer choice in which ad they want to see, if they really have to, increases the goodwill towards those ads. Hulu has been doing it for a couple of years, and now we're seeing YouTube experimenting with it on long-form content. Could a full-blown implementation of "viewer's choice" ads be popping up soon?

5 New Video Ad Formats Selected by IAB Hope to Get You Watching and Clicking

Five ad formats from IAB's "Rising Stars" will be vying for viewers' attention soon. Giving ads interactivity, social media buttons, the ability to find local dealers and to find out more about the product will enhance digital advertising, but the question is, will it make people want to watch more? No doubt the people who want to watch ads will enjoy the enhancements, but those who hate ads won't like sitting through them any more than usual.