Most Effective Online Video Marketing Channels Not Always Most Obvious [REPORT]

So what do you think is the most effective online video marketing channel? Are you stuck in a company where you're using channels you think aren't effective? You wouldn't be alone as this new report shows vast discrepancies in what companies are using versus what they think most effective. Do you agree with these results or do you have different experiences in the workplace?

Machinima And Poptent Continue Creative Crowdsourcing Partnership

Machinima, the top YouTube gaming network in the world with over 2 billion video views per month, have already used Poptent to create a very successful internal eBay marketing campaign and now they plan to extend that partnership to cover other projects.

Crowdsourcing Can Make Video Production Affordable For All Budgets

The perceived cost of video production holds many site owners back from committing to an online video strategy but there are options if resources are tight. Crowdsourcing is a great way to find producers who can work within your budget.