Ad Blocking: The Real Economic Impact on Small Video Publishers

Ad blocking software is causing real harm to small video creators who rely on the revenue generated by carrying advertising. With 34% of U.S. adults actively using apps to block ads, we look at the effect on video publishers of losing out on this vital revenue scheme.

TV Everywhere Video Ad Views Increase by 368% in Q3 2014

Viewers who are signed up to TV subscription, or TV Everywhere, services are becoming increasingly receptive to online video advertising. 46% of long-form and live video ad views now come from users signed up to a TV Everywhere service, an increase of 368% compared to Q3 2013.

How-to Make A Living From YouTube’s Partner Earnings

Earning a full time living from YouTube is a reality for many creators but what exactly does it take to reach that goal? We look at some of the revenue streams available such as ad monetization, paid subscriptions, sponsorship deals or a content partnership with a Multi Channel Network.

Way Too Early to Judge Success of YouTube Paid Subscriptions

Not really a big surprise, but some YouTube paid subscription channels are finding it tough getting subscribers. The obvious reason is that people don't want to pay the money, but there are numerous other factors in creating a successful channel that even free channels have to consider.

YouTube, Get On This (Part 1): The YouTube Wish List

We like YouTube, we really do. They meddle too much in things that don't need to get fixed, though, and let other things slide. That's why we've created a YouTube Wish List. Now, we may not have the power to get these things, ever, but it would be awesome if even one of these things were becoming a reality soon. And this is just Part 1.

Vimeo Announces Vimeo On Demand: Creators Get 90% Revenue Share

Vimeo on Demand is coming to Vimeo, allowing creators to sell their work, set the price, customize the page the content is on, show it on Vimeo and their own website, country availability, and can be shown anywhere Vimeo can be accessed. Creators get 90% of the cut after transaction fees.

Vimeo Ushers In Video Monetization With Tip Jar

Launching today as we speak, Vimeo is introducing "Tip Jar" for creators looking to monetize their videos.  Sparked in part by the success of crowdfunding sites...