Google’s New VP9 Codec: Better Video at Half the Bandwidth?

Google wants their new VP9 codec to be royalty-free, but patent disputes could prevent that from happening. Meanwhile, VP9 is supposed to have double the image quality using half the compression of H.264. In other news: H.264 could be H.265 soon, so there's that.

My Theora On H(TML5).264 Support

Microsoft showed off what some are calling the killer app (a lame term really), Internet Explorer 9. It's got HTML 5 support (to what extent remains to be seen)...

Google Gets ON2 Video Compression

Google is in the buying mood again it seems as they recently gobbled up ON2 Technologies who create high-quality video compression technology. What's that mean ...

Optimal Frame Dimensions for Flash Video Encoding

There are many different factors that contribute to visual quality when encoding compressed video for the web.  One factor that is often overlooked has to do wi...

On2 Interview – The Basics of Online Video Codecs

Grant Crowell and I took a few moments to sit down with the Chief Marketing Officer of On2 technologies, Eero Kaikkonen. We asked Eero to provide our readers with some basic information regarding what online video codes are, and what they mean for online video marketers.