Nielsen is a lunar impact crater on the Oceanus Procellarum. It is located north-east of Montes Agricola on the western hemisphere of the Moon. To the east-southeast is the crater Wollaston.
Nielsen is a bowl-shaped formation that lies astride a small ridge that runs north-northwestwards towards the Mons Rümker. The latter is an unusual raised formation of lunar domes.
The crater is named jointly after the Danish astronomer Axel Nielsen (1902-1970) and the Danish–American physicist Harald Herborg Nielsen (1903-1973).

Want To Appeal To Female Consumers? Then Make A Video

American women are watching more online video than men and they have more control over the purse strings with an estimated purchase power of up to $15 trillion per year. This is a golden opportunity for brands to start leveraging the power of video to tap into potential sales.

Native Video Ads Outperform Pre-Roll Ads [Study]

That pre-roll ad is not helping your brand, according to a new study by Sharethrough and Nielsen. Native ads, ads that conform to the publisher's page and seamlessly blend with the rest of the content and the overall look of the page.

2012 Cord-Cutting Numbers: Video Won’t Be Killing Anything Anytime Soon

In 1979, The Buggles released "Video Killed the Radio Star." It might feel like video is killing TV when you hear the number of people cutting the cord, but that isn't the case, and it doesn't have to kill TV to succeed. If anything, the numbers show that people just have a lot of options these days.

YouTube Views to Be Part of Billboard Hot Charts

Billboard will now be using YouTube views as part of the equation for determining their Hot 100. With YouTube having basically become many people's main source for music and music discovery, it's natural for Billboard to want to include YouTube's data. YouTube will be partnering with Nielsen to share the data.