Is YouTube Way Too Late to the Game with Music Key?

Spotify and other services have been streaming music for a small subscription fee for many years. Now YouTube has entered the fray with Music Key. But is it too little and too late for the video giant to stake its claim in the streaming music provider industry?

YouTube to Block Artists Who Don’t Sign Up to New Music Service

YouTube will drop music content from indie artists who haven't signed up to the site's new premium music-streaming service. And we're not talking obscure little bands here, but global megastar acts like as Adele, Radiohead, and Jack White - musicians for whom YouTube has been a major promotional tool.

YouTube Tells Indie Music Publishers to Sign Up or Lose Out

Music has always played an important role on YouTube, so it comes as a surprise that the video site is rumored to be strong arming indie labels into terms that undervalue the worth of their artists to the site. it's also a bit of a slap in the face to Indie labels who, like VEVO, have helped keep millions of viewers on YouTube.

Twitter: Video and Photos Get the Most Retweets

Sharing a video on Twitter in hopes of getting massive retweets? You might be in for a shock as Twitter just unveiled some research that shows which industries get the most retweets out of video shares as well as some other factors. So is your next tweet going to trigger an avalanche of retweets? Maybe, if you follow the research results.

Lady Gaga, Eminem To Headline First Live Streamed YouTube Music Awards

It was inevitable really. YouTube are to hold their own Music Awards in November 2013 and the whole event promises to be massive with voting taken place across social networks and headline acts like Gaga and Eminem taking to the stage. Twerking entirely optional.

LicenceID Aims To Solve YouTube, Vimeo Copyright Issues For Good

Copyright issues on YouTube can be a messy affair, particularly if the person being accused of infringement has permission to use the content being contested. New software called LicenceID hopes to end the confusion for all parties involved.

YouTube Views to Be Part of Billboard Hot Charts

Billboard will now be using YouTube views as part of the equation for determining their Hot 100. With YouTube having basically become many people's main source for music and music discovery, it's natural for Billboard to want to include YouTube's data. YouTube will be partnering with Nielsen to share the data.

Fullscreen, Universal Sign Music Deal for Legal Song Cover Monetization

Members of Fullscreen's "FAM," or "Fullscreen Artist Mix," can now legally monetize covers of songs they choose from Universal Music Publishing. The deal will also give the original artist compensation. So, everybody wins. Plus, there will be a program in place to monetize already-existing covers. Pretty sweet.