MP4 is a rock band made up of four British Members of Parliament.
It was founded as MP3 in 2004 by Pete Wishart (Scottish National Party, Perth and North Perthshire) on keyboards, Ian Cawsey (The former Labour MP, Brigg and Goole) on bass guitar and vocals, and Greg Knight (Conservative, East Yorkshire) on drums. They were later joined by Kevin Brennan (Labour, Cardiff West) on guitar, and changed their name to reflect this. Wishart was previously keyboardist with Runrig and Big Country. Along with David Morris (Conservative, Morecambe and Lunedale) Wishart is one of only two current MPs to have appeared on Top of the Pops.
The band first came to media attention in 2003, when the project was described as being in its “early stages”.
Three of the four members were re-elected at the 2010 General Election but bassist Ian Cawsey lost his seat. He remains a band member however, and the group has indicated they intend to continue with the same line-up.
In 2005, MP4 recorded an EP entitled…

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