Mozilla is a term used in a number of ways in relation to the project and the Mozilla Foundation, their defunct commercial predecessor Netscape Communications Corporation, and their related application software.
The term Mozilla is originally used for three distinct entities:
These and various other related uses of the term Mozilla are discussed below in the order when they were first used.
Historically, Mozilla had been used internally as a codename for the Netscape Navigator web browser from its beginning. Jamie Zawinski came up with the name during a meeting while working at the company. The name was created as a portmanteau of the words “Mosaic killer”, hinting that Netscape would be the end to the (then only) competitor browser, Mosaic. The logo was a reference to the name of the fictional monster Godzilla.
Mozilla was the mascot of the now-disbanded Netscape Communications Corporation, formerly called Mosaic Communications Corporation. Initially, the mascot took…

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