Survey Finds More U.S. Consumers Use Netflix Over YouTube

In an RBC Capital Markets survey of some U.S. Internet users, Netflix topped YouTube in a category. It might have topped them in two. However, can this love affair survive the new world order of Netflix paying for their service to receive the necessary network bandwidth? Is now the time for them to raise subscription pricing?

Where are Millennials Watching Video Content? Not on TV. [REPORT]

If Millennials are watching TV content, but not on TVs, then where are they watching TV content? Plus, how does one market to Millennials if TV is not where they are watching video? TiVo's latest survey results shed some light on all of this and more. We also give some logical tips on where you might want to market to Millennials.

Computer-based Video Consumption Climbed 157% in Past Five Years

Five years on, computer-based video consumption is going big time. We all knew it would. Nielsen provides some nice insight into not only who is watching it but also on what device and a bit of what kind of content they're watching. So jump on and enjoy the ride.

BlackboxTV: Behind the Reel from YouTube to Hollywood [Interview]

BlackboxTV has carved out a very unique niche on YouTube with its horror and sci-fi content. It's now got a major horror movie in the works, and BlackboxTV founder Tony Valenzuela is our special guest on this week's "Behind the Reel".

ReelSEO Viral Video Of The Week: Carrie Coffee Shop Prank

What better way to promote your new horror film than to recreate the drama and tension right in the middle of a busy New York coffee shop. Sony have done just that with their trailer for the remake of "Carrie" and it's hilarious. Except for the unsuspecting customers of course.

Movie Supercuts, Awesome Covers, and Mind-Blowing Science: Fun Video Friday

Fun Video Friday will cure your boredom by giving you tons of supercuts, a How It Should Have Ended for Pacific Rim, and even a Vsauce video on why you were bored in the first place. Plus, tons of terrific covers, a capella renditions, and a super stunt from Devin Supertramp.

Love Your Local Drive-In? Help Honda Save An American Institution

Drive-in movie theatres may be few and far between these days but they still play a huge role in their local community. With many under real threat from the switch to digital projection, Honda have launched a social media campaign to raise funds and awareness to save this American icon.

Do YouTube Movie Trailer Searches Correlate to Box Office Success?

Are YouTube search queries an indicator of a movie's success? It should come as no surprise that the most popular movies are also the one people search for the most, but how predictive are they when you compare the data between different movies? Google found some answers.

Vimeo Gets Its First Exclusive Feature Film with Some Girls

Vimeo Demand will be getting their first feature film on June 28, called Some Girls. Written by Neil LaBute and directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer, the movie stars Kristen Bell, Adam Brody, Jennifer Morrison, Mia Maestro, and Emily Watson.

Nostalgia Critic Gives Roger Ebert A Touching Video Memorial

Roger Ebert died at the age of 70 yesterday, and his absence will be deeply felt whenever you read a movie review that doesn't quite have the passion and knowledge that Ebert displayed when discussing film. The Nostalgia Critic has said a nice farewell to Ebert that encapsulates everything about why Ebert mattered.

Did the Video ‘Elevator Murder Experiment’ Work?

Thinkmodo's "Elevator Murder Experiment" is the latest example of viral video marketing that generated a ton of views for the video in question, but did it help or hurt the movie's chances at the box office? I'll be taking a look at past Thinkmodo campaigns and try to find an answer.

Moonwalking Ponies and Murders in Elevators [Fun Video Friday]

Fun Video Friday for March 8 will take you on a magical, mystical journey through Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" and a trip back to Vegas with The Hangover III. Plus, VSauce wonders if you should eat yourself. No, really, is that for real? Plus, a talking hamster that talks back to the cops.