Ad Viewing on Long-Form Video Grew 86% in 2013 [Report]

FreeWheel brings a close to 2013 with its Q4 2013 Video Monetization report that shows online video is starting to look more and more like TV, long-form ad monetization is growing and mobile devices are continuing to make an impact on how we watch content.

Pre-roll Ads Most Tolerable Video Ad Format [Report]

Yahoo! reports that 22% of people find pre-roll video ads acceptable. But is that an acceptable number based on the research? Half of the same audience also believes that ads should be more interactive, more relevant and that they should be given a choice in the ads they see.

Viewers Tolerate Mid Roll Video Ads More Than Pre-Roll [Report]

Viewers are more likely to watch a mid roll video ad, particularly if they are engaged with the original video content, then they are a pre roll ad. Post roll ads fare even worse. Viewers also have very little patience for slow loading videos and video ads, particularly sports fans who are 5 x more likely to abandon before a slow video loaded.

Tips for Optimizing Video Ad Campaigns on Tablets

Rhythm put out their Q2 2012 Insights report which looks at advertising that's delivered to tablets and mobiles and they found some interesting things in regard...