Metacafe is a media and video sharing community on the internet. Metacafe users upload and share thousands of new videos every day. Metacafe offers a desktop application, mainly targeted at users who are “video addicts” and download many of the videos every week. The desktop application is capable of downloading high-quality media to the local computer while the computer is idle. Metacafe features user generated videos, humor videos, Internet videos (memes) and viral ads as well as sports and news-related media. Some of the other features on the site include flash games and sound clips. Metacafe Inc. was founded in July 2003 by Israeli entrepreneurs Eyal Hertzog (CTO) and Arik Czerniak (CEO) and received early funding from Ofer Adler (former Board Member) and later raising $3 million from Benchmark Capital. On February 5, 2007, Erick Hachenburg, previously of Electronic Arts and Pogo, took over as CEO of the company.

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