AwesomenessTV Acquire YouTube MCN Big Frame for $15 Million in Cash

The acquisitions and consolidations keep on coming for YouTube Multi-Channel Networks as AwesomenessTV snaps up Big Frame for $15 million in cash. This should give the combined companies around 80 million subscribers and close to a billion views a month.

Disney to Buy YouTube Network Maker Studios? [Report]

Disney is reported to be in talks to acquire Maker Studios, in a bid to acquire one of the biggest, and most successful YouTube networks around. The deal is rumored to be worth around $500 million and could be a major coup for Disney.

Machinima Lays Off 42 Staff, YouTube to Take Back Ad Sales

It's been less than four months since Machinima trimmed 10% of its workforce, but today it announced that another 42 staff are to go. The video-gaming MCN will now outsource its ad sales to YouTube, making it more reliant on Google for ad revenue than it would probably like.

Global Online Video Association Formed, for the Betterment of Online Video

A group of YouTube MCNs and other digital video companies have got together and founded GOVA - the Global Online Video Association. Its goals include working to set industry standards, support those with investments in original digital content and work toward better monetization and wider utilization of that content for advertising and marketing.

YouTube MCNs Discover Crowdfunding as a Revenue Source

Many individual YouTubers have successfully raised six figures from their fans, and now crowdfunding is emerging as the model with the most potential to generate new, sustainable revenue streams for MCN's and their own content creators.

BlackboxTV: Behind the Reel from YouTube to Hollywood [Interview]

BlackboxTV has carved out a very unique niche on YouTube with its horror and sci-fi content. It's now got a major horror movie in the works, and BlackboxTV founder Tony Valenzuela is our special guest on this week's "Behind the Reel".

YouTube Adds Group Segmentation To Analytics For More Indepth Analysis

YouTube Analytics already gives you many ways to slice and dice your video metrics but their new Group Analytics feature further segments that data based on video content, campaigns or any other criteria you chose. MCNs can also separate each channel for further insight.

YouTube MCN Fullscreen Beefs Up Content Creator Platform

Fullscreen is rolling out a upgrade to their creator platform which gives their YouTube channel partners access to a new range of benefits and apps. The new 'Sign In with Fullscreen' service includes tools to assist with captions, music, crowdfunding and merchandise.

YouTube Finally Steps In To Moderate Content Partner Vs MCN Disputes

YouTube are stepping in as the third party between content partners and multi channel networks during a dispute. They have launched a featured which allows partners to begin the process of being released from their contracts. MCNs are also being told to be more transparent in what they are offering.

How-to Make A Living From YouTube’s Partner Earnings

Earning a full time living from YouTube is a reality for many creators but what exactly does it take to reach that goal? We look at some of the revenue streams available such as ad monetization, paid subscriptions, sponsorship deals or a content partnership with a Multi Channel Network.

Maker Studios Turn To Cable Model To Expand Online Empire

Maker Studios, the second biggest MCN in the States in terms of unique views, are planning to restructure their partner content into four main categories. They hope this new cable TV like model will benefit both creators, viewers and advertisers.

Are Amazon Taking On YouTube For The Short Form Video Market?

Amazon are already a huge player in the long form VoD market but now, if rumours are to be believed, they look set to take on YouTube by offering a better revenue package for content creators and MCNs to cross over to their platform instead.

Know Your YouTube MCN: BroadbandTV

Multi Channel Networks, or MCNs, are a huge part of the online video industry and it's rare that you'll find a big time YouTube player that isn't affiliated with one of these partner networks in some way. This month, we take a look at one of the biggest MCNs, BroadbandTV.