Maker Studios

Maker Studios Turn To Cable Model To Expand Online Empire

Maker Studios, the second biggest MCN in the States in terms of unique views, are planning to restructure their partner content into four main categories. They hope this new cable TV like model will benefit both creators, viewers and advertisers.

Are Amazon Taking On YouTube For The Short Form Video Market?

Amazon are already a huge player in the long form VoD market but now, if rumours are to be believed, they look set to take on YouTube by offering a better revenue package for content creators and MCNs to cross over to their platform instead.

The Week In Video: Popstar Cats, NFL And The First Vine Movie

As ever, it's been a news packed week in the world of video. There's the first crowdsourced full length Vine movie in the works, the NFL Sunday Ticket might just be coming to YouTube in 2014 and Kevin Spacey thinks the television industry should raise its game to compete with VOD content.

Maker Buys Blip: Now Has Reach Outside of YouTube

Maker Studios has bought video platform Blip, which gives them a place outside of YouTube to generate ad revenue. It will be interesting to see if they can attract viewers off of YouTube and onto Blip, or at least make the kind of revenue they need to make off of YouTube to be viable.

Maker Is Creating Video Destination Site, Doesn’t Plan on Killing YouTube

Maker Studios is creating a video platform for its creators to get some independence from YouTube. While Maker's talent will likely remain with YouTube, and Maker's new platform won't be a direct competitor, the move is becoming more common for MCNs looking to create new revenue streams.

Ray William Johnson Throws Down Gauntlet to Maker Studios

Ray William Johnson left Maker Studios back in October 2012, and then...things got ugly. Johnson is claiming that Maker Studios is holding his AdSense account and won't give it back. And now that the original contract has expired, he says he still hasn't gotten it. RWJ to Maker: Lawyer up.