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Online News Video Reaching Saturation Point? [Report]

Pew put out the State of the News Media 2014 and it took a long look at online news video including who watches, how it's growing and what the future might hold. Are you watching a lot of online news? If you're a Millennial you may very well be. If you're trying to market to Millennials, you might just find a cheap place to put some ads within the confines of this article... read on!

Live Streaming Video Now Powerful Business Communication Tool [Report]

Every level of business seems to be using live streaming video for one thing or another and it makes perfect sense because there's no more immediate way to communicate as much information as fast than video and live streamed means it can be more real-time and interactive all around. Are you using it for your business communication? Is it just a Skype call on occasion or are you going into full blown video conferencing rigs in board rooms?
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NCAA March Madness 2014 Wins Big With Streaming Video

March Madness is burning up bandwidth as Turner Sports reports massive growth over last year for just three days. With Gators and Great Danes, Bearcats and Huskies battling it out, it's no wonder they are seeing such success. After all, they've hit upon the streaming video more to find out what it's all about!

STOP PRESS: The New BBC iPlayer Launched Today (Via a VPN Near You)

The BBC is rolling out a new version of its world famous iPlayer for computers, tablets, mobiles and connected TVs - and we have to say that the new features make it look very cool. Those outside the UK will need VPN access if they want to watch the latest Top Gear or Downton Abbey episode though.

Ad Viewing on Long-Form Video Grew 86% in 2013 [Report]

FreeWheel brings a close to 2013 with its Q4 2013 Video Monetization report that shows online video is starting to look more and more like TV, long-form ad monetization is growing and mobile devices are continuing to make an impact on how we watch content.

Where are Millennials Watching Video Content? Not on TV. [REPORT]

If Millennials are watching TV content, but not on TVs, then where are they watching TV content? Plus, how does one market to Millennials if TV is not where they are watching video? TiVo's latest survey results shed some light on all of this and more. We also give some logical tips on where you might want to market to Millennials.

Your Week in Live-streaming: State of the Union Address

Barack Obama's fifth State of the Union is broadcast tonight, but you don't have to be sat in front of a television screen to watch it. Almost every major news site, and dozens of major YouTube channels, will be live-streaming the event so viewers can catch every minute.

Attention! Stop Everything And Watch Christmas Cats TV

Christmas trees, cats, cheesy festive music and a fully grown man in an elf costume. It can only mean Christmas Cats TV! You only have one more day to catch this insanely brilliant live stream so what are you waiting for?

Countdown To Music Awards Begin, YouTube Hopes For Watercooler Moment

The first ever YouTube Music Awards, one of the most important events in the site's history, will start in just a few hours. With Spike Jonze at the helm, YouTube hopes it will be one of the watercooler moments of 2013 and establish them as a broadcaster with serious clout.

YouTube Music Award Nominations Are Open, Voting Frenzy Begins

Nominations for the first YouTube Music Awards are now open and viewers have just under two weeks to vote for their favourites including best video, best artist, best YouTube phenomenon, best breakthrough and best response of the year.

Reddit Turn To YouTube To Document Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is only 48 days away (Christmas is 74!) and Reddit, the self styled 'Front page of the internet' is livestreaming the event on its YouTube Channel. Redditors will know that means hours of WTF images and videos plus the latest from the chaos out in the malls.

The Month In YouTube: September 2013

There were many new features and updates to YouTube in September 2013 and we've kept track of all the major ones. The site announced new royalty free music tracks, a troll blocking feature and the ability to download videos to mobile devices to watch off line.

Live Streaming on Vs. Embedded Player: Which is Best?

In this week's Creator's Tip video, I talk through the options for hosting live streaming events with YouTube - on vs. on your own website using YouTube's embedded player. Which is better for your brand, your live stream event, and your viewers?