A Guide to YouTube Interactive Cards ► Future of Annotations

YouTube users can finally access see annotations on their mobile devices in the form of new YouTube Cards! Creators can use the Cards to add extra interactivity to their videos, and inform the viewer about other websites, videos, playlists, fundraising, fan funding, and merchandise they'd like them to see without detracting from the video they are watching.

Crowdfunding and Fan Funding Options for YouTube Creators

How do you use Patreon, Tubestart, and YouTube Fan Funding (aka the "Tip Jar") to get your fans to support your YouTube channel? Find out on this week's ReelSEO's TubeTalk, the best podcast for YouTube marketing tips and advice.

Winning at Kickstarter, But UGC is Building Brand Awareness

There have been some spectacular successes on Kickstarter, particularly for some of the more innovative gadgets but what happens after the campaign is over? If your product is good enough, you may just earn your company some extraordinarily invaluable user-generated video content.

How Emotive, Personal Videos Can Raise Your Kickstarter Game [Case Study]

Many people hope to use crowdfunding sites to finance their dream projects but Jessica Mockett is actually doing it. She has successfully launched two projects that have reached full funding and she says getting personal with video has been the key factor in gaining the sponsorship she needed.

Tubestart Offers Crowdfunding Opportunities To One Million YouTubers

Crowdfunding is nothing new, but Tubestart hopes to offer something that's exclusively for the YouTube community only. Launched this week, the platform provides video creators the chance to reach out to sponsors and grow revenue via monthly subscriptions. In return, benefactors get perks such as exclusive content.

The Week In Video: Mobile Video, Bigfoot And Steam Powered YouTube

The world of online video is never short of news or updates and we bring you the latest stories you may have missed. This week, Rhett & Link producer hopes to fund a YouTube webseries about finding Bigfoot and the Content ID system opens up to everyone.

YouTube Gives Options For YouTube Channel Layouts

This week our look at the Reel Web includes several news stories about online video, including the new channel layout that YouTube is playing it. There's severa...