Kaltura is a software company based in New York which was founded in 2006. Kaltura state that their products allow publishers and content owners to publish, manage, monetize and analyze their video and other rich-media content. The main components of Kaltura’s online video platform are based on open-source software, enabling any site to add advanced video and rich-media capabilities.
The original concept was built on the collaborative Wiki model but uses media rather than text. Over time, the company changed its focus to providing an open source video platform with a focus on universities, enterprises, media companies and service providers looking to deploy video in their organizations. Publishers can add video capabilities using Kaltura’s hosted services, download the open source community edition, deploy the platform on-premise behind their own firewall, or on the cloud (such as Amazon Web Services). Kaltura also provides self-serve video packages for web-platforms such as MediaWiki…

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ReelSEO's Grant Crowell interviews interview Dr. Shay David, VP of Business and Community Development and co-founder of the open source video platform and network Kaltura, and founding member of the Open Video Alliance, about what he considers to be the most important legal issues with open standards and technologies with online video today.

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