3 Key Reasons Why Video Marketers Should Pay Attention to CES 2016

CES 2016 starts this week, and if you are part of a marketing department that creates and promotes video content, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on the news coming out of Las Vegas, even if you can't attend in person. We show you how to keep in touch with the trends and announcements from this year's CES show.

Beauty Gone Wrong: Makeup Challenges Brands Don’t See

Makeup challenges are all the rage on YouTube, and drive enormous amounts of traffic to YouTube creators and their channels. The results are often hilarious, and attract millions of engaged views, most of which are totally untracked by the brands mentioned in the videos.

Is VidCon Pushing Away Creators in Favor of the Teen Fans?

VidCon is a classic YouTube gathering, rooted in the coming together of creators to prove that they do exist outside of YouTube. 18,000 people attended VidCon this year, but are the serious YouTube creators, and marketers, in danger of being pushed out in favor of the teen fans?

YouTube’s ‘Preferred Channels’ List Revealed With No Great Surprises

For those who've been following the latest news on Google's 'Preferred Program' for Advertisers, the list of 'Preferred YouTube Channels' has been revealed, and there's no real surprises. Most of the big names are included such as VICE, Buzzfeed, The Young Turks, iJustine and PewDiePie.

Throwback Thursday: The First Videos From YouTube’s Top Stars

Some of our favourite YouTube celebs are masters of the engaging, well produced video, which is why they are at the top of their profession. We all have to start somewhere though and here's a fascinating look at some of the first offerings from PewDiePie, iJustine and Epic Meal Time.

That Was VidCon! Thoughts from Disneyland

Even though the 4th annual VidCon, held at the Anaheim Convention Center, is mainly for fans and for fans to meet up with their favorite channel creators, there was some good information to be found at the event.

How do Teenagers Perceive Online Video?

Every year I run a survey of my blog readers that really helps me get to know my audience and shapes the direction I go with content, distribution, communicatio...