Original Professional Online Video: 45 Million Unique Viewers A Month

The IAB has a study that shows that 45 million unique visitors from the USA watch Online Professional Online Video. This is video that is produced solely for online and is never meant to be watched on TV. The numbers come out as the NewFronts take place this week in New York.

5 New Video Ad Formats Selected by IAB Hope to Get You Watching and Clicking

Five ad formats from IAB's "Rising Stars" will be vying for viewers' attention soon. Giving ads interactivity, social media buttons, the ability to find local dealers and to find out more about the product will enhance digital advertising, but the question is, will it make people want to watch more? No doubt the people who want to watch ads will enjoy the enhancements, but those who hate ads won't like sitting through them any more than usual.

Canadians Not All That Keen On Online Video Ads

We all know our neighbors to the north are a bit on the strange side, what with the strange bacon, interesting law enforcement uniforms and of course, the accen...