Meet The ‘Kids’ Behind Premium Video Content [INTERVIEW]

We talk to Jason Berger of Kids At Play, who have made web series on Yahoo and YouTube channels like LOUD and IGN Start, as well as creating social video campaigns with top brands, like Purina. What is the formula for their success?

Rhett & Link’s April Fools Uses Trick Annotations to Prank Viewers

Master YouTubers Rhett & Link have made a masterful April Fools video that will have you scratching your head at first. Why can't I get to the "Funny Baby Panda Kiss?" Why can't I see this video? Why are there so many ads? With a little ingenuity in chapter annotations, Rhett & Link have pulled off a great prank. But don't forget to watch the content.

The End of YouTube! YouTube’s 2013 April Fool’s Prank

Like clockwork, YouTube released an April Fool's video announcing "The end of YouTube," and that the site has just been an 8-year-long contest to find the best video. This entry has a ton of recognizable YouTube stars "hoping that they win" and being there for the YouTube relaunch in 2023.

Kids Do Awesome Things and Kissing Is Magic [Fun Video Friday]

Welcome to another Fun Video Friday, where we learn why we play games, how kissing is magic, what kids think about dating problems, and we watch a baby giraffe try to stand on its legs. I know, I can't believe we can observe all that stuff, either.

Mr. Rogers Is Awesome and Slow Motion Destruction [Fun Video Friday]

We're about to get all sorts of knowledgeable about Fred (we call him "Mr.") Rogers up in here. And we're also going to see something we always enjoy, only in slow motion: stuff getting destroyed. After that we might make a cliff jump in Hawaii, or go to the snowy plains of Russia to blow away snowmen. Whatever we may do, it's Fun Video Friday.

Old Spice Launches Mr. Wolfdog Who Will Seduce Us With His Marketing

It's been a while since we heard from Old Spice but they are back with a video campaign for their new Wild Collection. It's kinda low key, just the new Director of Marketing telling us about his role. But, give it a look, you may like it........

Moonwalking Ponies and Murders in Elevators [Fun Video Friday]

Fun Video Friday for March 8 will take you on a magical, mystical journey through Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" and a trip back to Vegas with The Hangover III. Plus, VSauce wonders if you should eat yourself. No, really, is that for real? Plus, a talking hamster that talks back to the cops.

Miami Heat Harlem Shake Video and Extreme Sports [Fun Video Friday]

Fun Video Friday for March 1, 2013 has all the extreme sports you'll ever want, plus a Harlem Shake from Lebron and the Miami Heat, and they even managed to pit Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King. See what they're beefing about in this week's roundup of awesome videos, hand-picked for you, the loyal reader.

New Oreo Video Takes Cookie Separation To Extremes

Oreo is doing awesome things with online video and social media lately. Their latest video shows the great extremes one person will go through in order to separate the cookie from the creme in something that is almost (not quite) Rube Goldberg-esque in getting a complex machine to do a simple thing. Let's sit back and enjoy and maybe eat a cookie or two.

Harlem Shake Dryer, How Popes Are Elected, and Gollum Sings Les Miserables [Fun Video Friday]

These videos will definitely make your day, and will make you a better person. I can't promise the effects will last long, but they will instill you with feelings of happiness that you won't quite be able to explain. At least, that's what I hope you'll feel during Fun Video Friday, even for a fleeting moment. You want to see a dryer do the Harlem Shake? You've come to the right place.

Corridor Digital Spins Cat Videos Into Special Effects Awesomeness

Corridor Digital has created a video that has all the elements of a mega-viral success. It's a cat video, but not your ordinary cat video. It's one where cats are doing their usual cat things, but this time, they're providing a valuable service against bad guys. Soon to be shared by a mom near you.