Monty Python And The Holy YouTube Grail

Monty Python are undergoing something of a revival, with their first live show in 30 years selling out in just 44 seconds. But did you know that the launch of their YouTube channel not only increased DVD sales by 23,000% but has attracted 75 million views and counting.

Fun Video Friday: Dr Who, Ron Burgundy And Kermit The Frog

Kermit the Frog meets his nemesis in the new Muppets movie trailer, 3 sassy young girls build the best Rube Goldberg contraption, Air New Zealand take us to Middle Earth and everyone seems to be doing the splits. Welcome to Fun Video Friday.

Fun Video Friday: Pretend Pumpkin And Stachedancing

We have dancing moustaches, YouTube spoilers, opportunist cats, the truth about pumpkin flavoured things, tissue animals and all you ever needed to know about farting in our round up of our best videos for you this week.

Fun Video Friday: Fireworks And Video Games

We have Halloween candy trauma and very rude fireworks along with a look back at some old timey video games and consoles in our round up of our best videos for you this week. We also have buddy cops and tearful reunions and unwatchable pregnancy announcements.

Fun Video Friday: Astronauts, Batman And Cuttlefish

Welcome to the first Fun Video Friday of November 2013 and never mind the kids, we all know it's the adults who are going to be looking forward to the new Lego Movie more than anyone. Luckily for them, Warner Bros have released a brilliant new trailer featuring God, Batman and Abraham Lincoln.

Turn Around! It’s The Best Halloween Videos Of 2013

Halloween is upon us again and there have been some fantastic videos released to celebrate the best of the holiday. Watch Batman appear in a range of horror films, kids getting trick or treated with healthy snacks and a lots of handy ways to kill a pesky pumpkin.

Clients From Hell: Video Marketing And Production Issue

The client vs agency or freelancer relationship can be a difficult one sometimes, particularly when the expertise or technology behind video production or marketing isn't fully understood. We bring you the best 'Clients from Hell' stories.

Fun Video Friday: Moustaches, Nerds And Candy

It's Friday and that means we have the best round up of viral, nerdy, funny and interesting videos from the past 7 days for you to enjoy. You don't have to watch the one about parasites, we promise.

Fun Video Friday: Cinderella, Zombies And Binturogs

Did you know that the way we were taught history alters our perception of the subject to an almost alarming degree? Or how popular 4am was as a TV and film reference? Or how delicious the giant cloud rat is? You will after watching our videos of the week.

Fun Video Friday: Scaredy Cats And Giant Twinkies

It's Friday so lets take a few minutes to catch up with some of the best videos from the best 7 days including the making of the biggest Twinkie in the world, some of the worst YouTube comments and a supercut of the wrong cats in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fun Video Friday: Simpson’s Treehouse Horror And Drive Thru Skeletons

There's a distinctly autumnal feel to our choice of videos this week from the ubiquitous use of pumpkin spice to the way cats behave when the weather starts turning a little cooler. We also see the best Simpsons opening credits ever and an epic rap battle from Rhett & Link.

Fun Video Friday: Firemen And Kittens Edition

There are so many great videos around at the moment and we've picked our favourites for your enjoyment. There's everything from firemen rescuing kittens to Justin Bieber to Twitter musicals and plane crash supercuts. Enjoy!

Fun Video Friday: Unhappy Birthdays, Ginger Cats And Guitar Riffs

Science stuff, ginger attack cats, Cookie Monster and Unhappy Birthdays make up some of our favourite videos from the last week. We have picked the best of the bunch for your entertainment so grab that coffee, sit back and enjoy some of the footage that has or is going viral as we speak.