Vimeo Invests $10 Million in Vimeo On Demand to Boost Indie Projects

Vimeo has already committed itself to help indie filmmakers distribute and monetize their content via the Vimeo on Demand platform. Now it has announced an extra $10 million worth of funding to support creators, who meet certain criteria, with marketing and financial assistance.

Ad Viewing on Long-Form Video Grew 86% in 2013 [Report]

FreeWheel brings a close to 2013 with its Q4 2013 Video Monetization report that shows online video is starting to look more and more like TV, long-form ad monetization is growing and mobile devices are continuing to make an impact on how we watch content.

Do A Happy Dance, The First Godzilla Trailers Are Here

Online video marketing is an essential part of any movie promotion these days and the first trailers have just been released for the new Godzilla movie, even though it's not due in cinemas until May 2014. Expect many more of these from Warner Bros.

Hollywood & Vines: Airbnb Release First Crowdsourced Vine Movie

It was inevitable that Vine video content would eventually break out of its 6 second shackles and Airbnb are the first company to not only create a short film using Vines but to get fans of the app to send in their very own videos to do so. The film has just been released and it's adorable.

Vimeo On Demand Now Offers Buy Or Rental Options

Vimeo on Demand has introduced more features that improves the service for both the filmmaker and for the viewer. Users can now choose to either rent or buy content and the creator can offer a preorder facility as well as the opportunity to raise promo codes for marketing purposes.

The Key to Making Stock Video? Think Like an Editor

Those out there trying to make a living shooting stock video would be wise to think of the types of moments an editor can use when they need to transition a scene smoothly. You can set the scene pretty easily with these three kinds of clips.

Bet Raise Fold Documentary Gives the Lowdown on Poker Life, Black Friday

Bet Raise Fold comes from filmmakers Taylor Caby, Jason Rosenkrantz, and Ryan Firpo, who do a great job uncovering the reasons for what is known as "Black Friday" in the online poker world, and how it affects three players who relied on online poker to make a living.

Vimeo Gets Its First Exclusive Feature Film with Some Girls

Vimeo Demand will be getting their first feature film on June 28, called Some Girls. Written by Neil LaBute and directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer, the movie stars Kristen Bell, Adam Brody, Jennifer Morrison, Mia Maestro, and Emily Watson.

Maker Studios and Tribeca Launch Picture Show Channel on YouTube

Maker Studios, in collaboration with Tribeca, will be bringing a channel called Picture Show to YouTube. It will look to combine the forces of Maker and Tribeca to form an online community where creative types can collaborate and make YouTube magic.

Nostalgia Critic Gives Roger Ebert A Touching Video Memorial

Roger Ebert died at the age of 70 yesterday, and his absence will be deeply felt whenever you read a movie review that doesn't quite have the passion and knowledge that Ebert displayed when discussing film. The Nostalgia Critic has said a nice farewell to Ebert that encapsulates everything about why Ebert mattered.