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Vimeo-on-Demand Turns One, Company Shines Spotlight on its Employees

Vimeo-on-Demand, one of the best places to find truly indie filmmakers and their works, turns one year old. To celebrate, Vimeo tossed in a few more features to help you out. Plus, they've decided to shine some light on the employees that don't get a lot of face time but without whom, Vimeo wouldn't exist, or have such cool new features. Well done Vimeo and Happy Birthday Vimeo-on-Demand!

Vimeo Invests $10 Million in Vimeo On Demand to Boost Indie Projects

Vimeo has already committed itself to help indie filmmakers distribute and monetize their content via the Vimeo on Demand platform. Now it has announced an extra $10 million worth of funding to support creators, who meet certain criteria, with marketing and financial assistance.

YouTube Gets Its Own Festival For The Big Screen

Hot on the heels of the Toronto International Film Festival, YouTube creators get the chance to show off their own content in a big screen setting at the first ever Buffer Festival. To be held over three days this November, creators and fans will come together to share the best creative work YouTube has to offer.

Tribeca’s Vine Video Competition Shows Vine at its Best

Tribeca's #6SecFilms competition has narrowed the entries down to 40 pretty great uses of Vine to tell a story. We have animation, we have well-done "stories" told in 6 seconds, we have lots of people taking the 6-second limitation and spitting in its face!