PodZinger until May, 2007, Everyzing is a Cambridge, MA based audio and
video search engine that leverages speech recognition technology
developed by its parent company, BBN Technologies, to look for content
inside audio and video files formats. Everyzing creates a text index
from the audio and video feed and uses that index to find relevant
terms within published audio and video files. As a video search engine,
Everyzing highlights the segment of an audio or video file by creating
text snippets around the searched terms. The user can click anywhere in
the snippet to listen to or watch just that snippet segment, they can
listen to the entire file, and they can download the file or subscribe
to feed.

Google Adds Speech Recognition To Video Search

At  the Official Google Blog, Google announced the availability of a new speech recognition tool for video search.  This tool is limited in that it only searche...