3 Tips for Crafting Compelling Social Video Customers Will Love

Social video is a massive marketing tool. But you might not be getting the most out of your campaigns or are at a loss on how to use it to continue to expand your customer engagement. Here are three quick tips to help you better use your social video presence and get your customers on board.

Crowdsourcing Can Make Video Production Affordable For All Budgets

The perceived cost of video production holds many site owners back from committing to an online video strategy but there are options if resources are tight. Crowdsourcing is a great way to find producers who can work within your budget.

Hollywood & Vines: Airbnb Release First Crowdsourced Vine Movie

It was inevitable that Vine video content would eventually break out of its 6 second shackles and Airbnb are the first company to not only create a short film using Vines but to get fans of the app to send in their very own videos to do so. The film has just been released and it's adorable.

Life In A Day Sequel To Spend A Day In Japan

Seems like I'm writing about Japan a lot lately.  Ridley and Tony Scott's production company Scott Free, which was behind last year's crowdsourced Life In A Day...

Experimenting With Crowdsourced Online Video News

I'm on the road for the next several weeks and hope to keep up with the Reel Web episodes the best I can, but this week has just been too crazy with packing and...