‘Learn to Fly’ Cover Goes Viral, Teaches a Rock Star Lesson in Video Marketing

You don't have to be a Foo Fighters fan to notice that a cover of one of the band's most iconic tracks, 'Learn to Fly', has gone viral in the past week. But it's not just any old cover, it's a lesson in crowdfunding a dream and marketing it to exactly the right people. In this case, the Foo Fighters themselves.

How-to Set Up YouTube’s Fan Funding Tip Jar Feature

Do you want your fans and subscribers to be able to financially contribute to your YouTube channel to allow you to create even more video content? If your account is in good standing, and you live in one of the four countries that allows you to enable Fan Funding, here is our guide to setting up this Tip Jar feature.

Crowdfunding and Fan Funding Options for YouTube Creators

How do you use Patreon, Tubestart, and YouTube Fan Funding (aka the "Tip Jar") to get your fans to support your YouTube channel? Find out on this week's ReelSEO's TubeTalk, the best podcast for YouTube marketing tips and advice.

YouTube’s Fan Funding Donation Feature Now Live in U.S.

There are various ways that creators can make money from YouTube, and if you have a substantial subscriber base, generate hundreds of thousands of views, or have cornered the market in niche content then making revenue from these sources is entirely possible. However, for the majority of creators who fall just below that revenue-generating potential, the site has rolled another feature that could help. Fan Funding is live for a few creators in the U.S., Japan, Mexico and Australia and if it goes well then it will be rolled out for all.
Makers of Vimeo

Vimeo-on-Demand Turns One, Company Shines Spotlight on its Employees

Vimeo-on-Demand, one of the best places to find truly indie filmmakers and their works, turns one year old. To celebrate, Vimeo tossed in a few more features to help you out. Plus, they've decided to shine some light on the employees that don't get a lot of face time but without whom, Vimeo wouldn't exist, or have such cool new features. Well done Vimeo and Happy Birthday Vimeo-on-Demand!

Vimeo Invests $10 Million in Vimeo On Demand to Boost Indie Projects

Vimeo has already committed itself to help indie filmmakers distribute and monetize their content via the Vimeo on Demand platform. Now it has announced an extra $10 million worth of funding to support creators, who meet certain criteria, with marketing and financial assistance.

YouTube MCNs Discover Crowdfunding as a Revenue Source

Many individual YouTubers have successfully raised six figures from their fans, and now crowdfunding is emerging as the model with the most potential to generate new, sustainable revenue streams for MCN's and their own content creators.

Winning at Kickstarter, But UGC is Building Brand Awareness

There have been some spectacular successes on Kickstarter, particularly for some of the more innovative gadgets but what happens after the campaign is over? If your product is good enough, you may just earn your company some extraordinarily invaluable user-generated video content.

Why YouTube’s CPM Has Only One Way To Go…Down

With the ability to monetize content now open to everyone, YouTube's advertising model is becoming unsustainable which means there is only one way for CPM rates to go - and that's down. Creators need to be less Adsense reliant and look for other revenue opportunities.

How Emotive, Personal Videos Can Raise Your Kickstarter Game [Case Study]

Many people hope to use crowdfunding sites to finance their dream projects but Jessica Mockett is actually doing it. She has successfully launched two projects that have reached full funding and she says getting personal with video has been the key factor in gaining the sponsorship she needed.

Tubestart Offers Crowdfunding Opportunities To One Million YouTubers

Crowdfunding is nothing new, but Tubestart hopes to offer something that's exclusively for the YouTube community only. Launched this week, the platform provides video creators the chance to reach out to sponsors and grow revenue via monthly subscriptions. In return, benefactors get perks such as exclusive content.

A Look at YouTube ‘Tip Jar’-Style Services

Recently, Patreon and Subbable came into being in order for creators to offer a unique opportunity: subscribers, fans, followers, etc. could, if they were so inclined, pay for the content they could easily watch for free. We take a look at four of these services, all with their slight differences.