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LicenceID Aims To Solve YouTube, Vimeo Copyright Issues For Good

Copyright issues on YouTube can be a messy affair, particularly if the person being accused of infringement has permission to use the content being contested. New software called LicenceID hopes to end the confusion for all parties involved.

The Week In Video: Mobile Video, Bigfoot And Steam Powered YouTube

The world of online video is never short of news or updates and we bring you the latest stories you may have missed. This week, Rhett & Link producer hopes to fund a YouTube webseries about finding Bigfoot and the Content ID system opens up to everyone.

Looking Back On The Harlem Shake: Postmortem of a Video Craze

Ah Harlem Shake, it's been nice knowing you but your time is up and now we await the next video meme to take the world by storm. While we mourn, let's take a look back at some stats and surprises about the Harlem Shake.

15 YouTube Copyright Tips for Content Creators & Marketers

We asked 2 respected cyber-attorneys what they would recommend for video content creators in terms of protecting their own copyrighted assets on YouTube, and what guidelines other users can follow in using "fair-use" rights content. Know your rights and responsibilities.

YouTube Beefs Up Partner Video Blocking Ability

It is making the rounds on the webosphere that YouTube has implemented two new buttons on the partner interface that pertain to blocking of videos. TechCrunch (...