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Humour, Emotion and UGC: Food Industry Video Trends For 2013

When it comes to the food industry, brands need to understand the behaviour of the customer and construct the right kind of campaigns to win their hearts and their loyalty. We take a look at some of the trends that have helped companies like Oreo and Chipotle go viral on YouTube.

Bring On The Cat Videos: Friskies Bring Back Award For Top Cat

The Friskies award for best cat video was a huge success in 2012 - both for the brand and for the winner. So, it's no surprise that the competition returns in 2013. You have 10 days to get your winning entry in and launch the media career of your beloved kitty.

Want To Appeal To Female Consumers? Then Make A Video

American women are watching more online video than men and they have more control over the purse strings with an estimated purchase power of up to $15 trillion per year. This is a golden opportunity for brands to start leveraging the power of video to tap into potential sales.