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Comcast Want to Further Monetize VOD Content with Even More Ads

The cable industry has been facing some real challenges over the past few years, the least of which is cord cutting. Now Comcast must be feeling the sting of all those lost subscribers because they're starting to dream up new ways to monetize content via more video advertising.

The Second Screen Revolution: Do Advertisers Need To Worry?

As we surge towards the internet of things, where the digital touchpoints to a consumer outnumber the digits they have to touch them, is it becoming increasingly difficult for the media advertising industry to remain in control?

Vine vs. Instagram: Short-Form Social Video Marketing Ideas

While many comment on the rivalry of Instagram vs. Vine, the problem isn't which platform is better, The problem is that companies don't use the platforms to their advantage. Here are examples of which videos should be used on either Vine or Instagram video.

Why You Should Share Your Creative Budgets with Vendors

When clients don't divulge their creative budgets to vendors, it just wastes a lot of time and money on both ends of the deal. While the client may want to keep that secret in the attempt to prevent getting fleeced, creative vendors don't want to take advantage, they just want to know where to aim.

Fine Bros. Focus ‘Kids React’ to ‘Controversial’ Cheerios Ad

The Fine Bros. got kids to react to the "controversial" Cheerios ad showing a biracial couple. The reactions, without any context given to them beforehand, are awesome. It's a small sample size of children, but maybe we have hope as a human race.

Apple Video Finds Emotionally Compelling Stories in Apps

Apple's "Making A Difference...One App at a Time" is a great example of telling stories and compelling audiences rather than strictly saying "Look at us and all these great things we can do!" type of ad. Finding an emotional resonance in your video is one of the chief aspects you look for in video creation.

Epic Videos From Epic People [Fun Video Friday]

We have a ton of epic stuff this week. How animals eat their food, Skrillex vs. Mozart, a 100-pound chocolate bar, Mystery Guitar Man gets stuck in a video game, there are epic ask-outs to prom and formals, Old Spice gives their usual cracked take on 80's soap commercials, CGP Grey talks about The Vatican. Are you not entertained? Watch these, you'll definitely be entertained.

How Brands Use Vine Efficiently: Quick and to the Point

You might think that with a 6-second limitation, brands couldn't possibly make something worthwhile using Vine. The problem is, you would be wrong, dead wrong. Brands are using Vine in a creative manner that allows them to make the most out of the seemingly miniscule 6 seconds that they have.