April Fool’s 2014: How The Fans on YouTube Got the Last Laugh

Brands have recognized April Fools as a yearly, can’t miss opportunity, to grab people’s attention in a unique, humorous way. But what were the biggest trends and success stories from every PR department's favorite day on the Internet? Let's review April Fool's 2014!

How the British Red Cross is Using YouTube to Save Teenage Lives [Case Study]

When the British Red Cross wanted to reach as many teenagers as possible to teach them the benefits of learning first aid, they knew they had to create a campaign that would engage them from the start. So it reached out to some top UK YouTube creators to help. The results were very encouraging.

Video Content Marketing vs Static Content Marketing

Content marketing is the buzzword of the moment but what's the big difference between static content marketing and video content marketing? Well, one is highly engaging and effective and gives you the ideal opportunity to reach your target audience. And the other is static.

Brand Demand Outstrips Creator Supply On Channel Pages

Channel Pages is only two months old but it already has 30 million subscribers and 300 million monthly views. The collaboration platform matches creators with creators and creators with brands, and right now, the demand from brands is outstripping supply, which is great news for YouTubers.

Leverage the Power of Video and Sell B2B with Vidyard and Salesforce

Video marketing platform Vidyard have teamed up with Salesforce to enable brands to leverage video content for the B2B market. Their new tool allows businesses to see who watched what, for how long and from which location. That's a lot of very useful data for any sales team.

3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of YouTube Collaboration Projects

Collaborating with other creators on YouTube can be hugely beneficial for all parties especially if the channels have an active subscriber base and something to say that is going to appeal to their respective audiences. We bring you 3 great tips for getting the most out of these projects.

Channel Pages Gives YouTubers A Way To Collaborate With Other Creators

Hugely successful YouTube channels and creators succeed because of the relationships they build up over time, with the audience and with other creators and brands. FanBridge have launched a new service aimed at making these collaborations even easier to facilitate.

How Will Tomorrow’s YouTube MegaStars Rule YouTube?

What will tomorrow's YouTube top creators be implementing into their channels in order to build audiences and eventually become like a Philip DeFranco or ShayCarl? They'll be doing some combination or all of the following examples.

The Ten YouTube Commandments

What are some of the steps to follow when trying to make it on YouTube? What things should you always have in mind when you're giving video a try? Follow these ten commandments to achieve YouTube success.

YouTube to Have Star-Studded ‘Comedy Week’ in May

YouTube is going to have a good ol' fashioned Comedy Week starting May 19. There will be all kinds of celebrities, Hollywood and YouTube alike, doing live performances, stand-up, pranks, collaborations, musical performances, and more.